Graham Owen Insect Art

some of the best things in life - made with high-end craftsmanship


I'm an established artist, who works with some of the industry's top film and television studios, as well as fashion, lighting and interior designers.

Primarily, I make detailed insect replicas, combining realism and impressionism, to express my artistic interpretation of the magical micro-cosmos of beauty and diversity of hidden worlds beyond the familiar. In essence - more art than science

All commissions, whether private or corporate, are welcome, and to each project I bring a creative eye and professional commitment.


Realistic Insect Replicas

Blue butterfly replicas Green beetle and fly Dragonfly and housefly
Butterflies Insects & More Realistic Bugs in Action


Artistic Collaboration

Ingo Maurer Biotope Mikimoto Pearls honeybees Insect props
Ingo Maurer - Lighting Designs Mikimoto Pearls - Honeybees Film & Photography Props


Artistic Fly Tying

Realistic Hexaginia Mayflies Cracker fishing fly Realistic October Caddis Fly
Realistic Fly Tying Fishing Flies Atlas of Creation

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