Fly Tying


My favorite brownie fly, works well in California and the big browns back east in the fall

My favorite trout fly, size 18 to size 8 - simple and effective, I call it a Cracker

Mylar tinsel underbody, white glo-bug-yarn veil, with hollow ribbing in chartreuse or green, purple, etc.

White yarn is cut twice as long as the hook, tyed in the middle, yarn forward of hook eye is then pulled backwards, and secured


fly box full of my favorite flies for big fall brown trout and steelhead

Good to Go


California Golden Trout eating a Cracker

Hungry Little Trout


A feisty rainbow trout

Simple quick to tye flies are my favorites to fish with


nice brown trout with a Cracker fly in its mouth

Nice fly, nice trout, nice silk fly line, and my favorite rod and reel


My Fly Tying desk

My work desk - click for larger image


Fly box full of generic nymphs

I have over 40 fly boxes, filled and ready for on stream action


fly box full of midge patterns



fly box with houseflies

Box O Flies


Generic stillwater and lake flies

Lakes and stillwater flies


Wheatley fly boxes full of dry flies

Nice boxes full of dry flies


beautiful wooden fly box with assorted fishing flies

Dragonfly, damselfly and mayfly nymphs


another fly box full of flies

Pretty Flies


Letter from Oregon Governor Kitzhaber

A nice letter from the Governor of Oregon

Governor Kitzhaber was presented with a box of my flies during a solar project dedication
(Chet Farris was the CEO of Siemens Solar Industries at the time)


Hardy Angel fly reel with a realistic red spider

I love my Hardy Angel fly reel, a gift from House of Hardy, for using my spider in their advertising

Damselfly nymph

Damselfly Nymph


May Fly Nymph

Mayfly Nymph



Trout Candy - Scuds - Freshwater shrimp


caddis pupa

Caddis Pupas - Oliver Edwards style


Cased Caddis tyed on weighted jig hooks

Peeking Cased Caddis Flies


midge pupes work well in the Sierra

Midge - works great in the sierra


golden stoneflies, worked great in Chile as well as the Eastern Sierra in fall
A favorite fly fall fall fly fishing on the East Walker River in the eastern sierra

Golden Stoneflies work well in the Sierra and Patagonia, especially in the fall


golden stonefly nymph

Stonefly Nymph


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