Realistic Fishing Flies - Mistaken for The Real Thing!


Several photos of my insect replicas were published in the Atlas of Creation, without my knowledge, and presented as purportedly real living creatures, to be compared with fossilized specimens, to disprove the theory of evolution.

I'm sure the publisher was perplexed upon realizing some of the bugs in the lavish hard bound book are instead realistic fishing flies.

The author was contacted with respect to unauthorized publishing of my copyrighted photos, without reply, although the internet version of the book was subsequently altered, with my fishing lures removed.

Original Caddis Fly and Spiderflies framed, same published in the Atlas of Creation book

2024, I still have the original flies


Book, The Atlas of Creation

Cover a bit worn over the years, I've had this interesting book since 2006


Atals of Creation page 244 Caddis fly

My realistic adult October caddis fishing lure, published as a living specimen


realistic adult caddis fly

Original Photograph

I wonder what appendage the person erasing the background thought the hook was...


Atlas of Creation caddis fly fishing lure

Beautiful Book


Atlas of Creation page 282 realistic mayfly

Realistic adult Mayfly, with fishing hook intact


realistic mayfly photo copied and published in the Atlas of Creation

My Realistic Mayfly


Atlas of Creation realistic spider

My Spider has a two page spread in the book


realistic red spider

The funny thing is, when I sat down to enjoy a couple of hours at my art desk, I decided to create my own bug, for the first time, as opposed to simply replicating an existing species. Something menacing in appearance, abdomen in the shape of a wasp, eight long hairy probing legs, grasping mouth pincers, beady red eyes, etc. I never could have imagined this fishing fly would be compared to a current or historic specimen.

There is a tiny midge in the spiders grasp

At least four of my bugs are in the book!


Atlas of Creation spider

A photo a friend sent to me


realistic size 24 midge on a finger tip

Close up of the midge in the spiders grasp


My Cadddis Fly also published in Richard Dawkins book

My Caddis Fly also published in Richard Dawkins book, with my permission


Richard Dawkins The Greatest Show on Earth

Richard Dawkins book - The Greatest Show on Earth




red Hardy Greys spider

This red spider has also been seen in Hardy Greys advertisements in European fly fishing magazines


Red spider fly in a European fly fishing magazine

Today's Flyfisher, a European magazine


My fake spider on a piece of fly tying thread


Hardy angel fly reel

I love my Hardy Angel fly reel, a gift from House of Hardy, for using my spider in their advertising

This red spider currently resides above my art desk, keeping its beady red eyes on me

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