Insect Art - Artificial Insects

intricately made by hand


Insect Art - rainbow butterflies and red centipedes with a beetle

Insect Art

Insect Art - purple and gold dragonfly – handmade replica

purple and gold dragonfly embellished with gold and powdered amethyst


Beautiful intricately detailed iridescent handmade dragonfly wings

finely detailed iridescent dragonfly wings


Realistic honeybees photographed by Bruce Eisenberg



Artificial fake honeybees

happy hive


red dragons and damsels

dragons & damsels


realistic tear proof dragonfly wings

I believe I can fly


realistic life size cockroaches

pretty little cockroaches?


realistic life size detailed insect art cockroach family, including babies

meet the babies, Jasmine, Basil, Chanterelle, Wyatt, ...

happy cockroach family :)


realistic moths

hungry moths


artificial moth replicas

close up view


small brown common house spider fake replica props

hungry spiders


sipder replica props for filming a TV show

small brown spiders


realistic detailed Horsefly replica



realistic horsefly replicas


Iridescent green beetle and housefly models

Stare Down - green beetle vs house fly


artificial beetles in flight

Beetles in flight

Three realistic green dragonfly replicas chasing a fake housefly model

Fast Food - green dragonflies & housefly


iridescent green and red beetles

Iridescent Beetles


variety of beetle replicas on a calla lily

Gilding Lilies - assorted beetles


green salamander artistic replicas

Pretty Spots - salamanders and moths


praying mantis replicas

Praying Mantis


detailed realistic honeybee replica models on a wildflower

plump pollinators


realistic slugs



beautiful bird feathers inlaid on top of a realistic green dragonfly replica

Pretty Eyes


realistic scorpion

Menacing Scorpion


hungry red spider holding a midge

Hungry Spider


realistic artificial tadpoles



realistic hex mayfly on top of my finger

Realistic Mayfly Fishing Lure


macro photo of a dragonfly attacking my mayfly

Fishing Fly Attracts Predator


Hungry fake Whip Scorpion Beetles

Hungry Vinagaroon Beetles


Scary Camel spider

Camel Spider

worker bees on the Willis / Sears Tower in Chicago, fat cats on top, five circling white butterflies, spirits of those who died building the tower...

spirits soaring


insect art sculpture with butterflies dragonflies and a moth

insect art


Graham Owen Butterflies



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