Realistic Fake Insect Props


My realistic life-size insect props have solved a number of logistical problems for film studios and photographers including Disney, Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures, Warner Brothers, Sony/Columbia Pictures, HBO, NBC Universal Television and more...

fake honeybee props



realistic fake mosquito props



realistic Wolf Spier props

realistic life size spider props


select productions featuring my insects

Channel Zero poster Chicago Med poster HTGAWM poster

Channel Zero

Centipedes, beetles, moths & flies


Chicago Med

Ticks and cockroaches


Moths and flies

The Night Shift poster Ray Donovan poster Elementary poster

The Night Shift



Ray Donovan



Dragonfly wings and cockroaches

13 Hours movie poster
The Magicians Syfy poster
Hawaii 5-O poster

13 Hours

Praying Mantises

The Magicians


Hawaii Five-O



X-MEN AKKABA poster Elementary poster The Last Witch Hunter movie poster

X-MEN - Apocalypse




The Last Witch Hunter

Horseflies & Plague Fly


Lone Survivor movie poster Big Time Rush poster Snow White Mirror Mirror movie poster

Lone Survivor



Big Time Rush

Honeybees & Bumblebees

Snow White

Bees and Scorpions

The Amazing Spiderman poster Do No Harm poster Royal Pains poster

The Amazing Spiderman

Spiders & Flies

Do No Harm

Green Beetles

Royal Pains


Pretty Little Liars poster

Dexter poster

Grimm poster

Pretty Little Liars







Disney's Winnie the Pooh movie poster Base Productions - Fact or Faked poster

Covert Affairs poster


Winnie the Pooh

Butterflies, grasshoppers, cicadas, etc


Fact or Faked

Butterflies & houseflies

Covert Affairs


Grown Ups Movie poster

Salt movie poster

The Fields moviel poster

Grown Ups





The Fields


Green Hornet poster Law & Order  Special Victims Unit poster Breaking Bad poster

Green Hornet



Law & Order SVU


Breaking Bad - Season 3- Episode "Fly"


A Perfect Gewtaway poster Cirqu du Freak poster Disney's' Imagination Movers poster

A Perfect Getaway


Cirque du Freak

Dozens of Houseflies


Disney - Imagination Movers

Houseflies & Butterflies

HBO Comedy Series - Hung poster Law & Order - Criminal Intent Little Britain USA poster

HBO - Hung


Law & Order - Criminal Intent



Little Britain USA


Pushing Daisies poster The Curious Case of Benjamin Button poster Bedtime Stories poster

Pushing Daisies


Benjamin Button


Bedtime Stories




realistic fake ants for TV show Ray Donovan

Ant props for Ray Donovan TV show


Praying Mantis props made for the Film 13 Hours

Praying Mantises- Paramount Pictures - 13 Hours


tiny spider props custom made for The Amazing Spiderman

Artificial spiders - The Amazing Spiderman - Sony Pictures


NY Times article photo - Mike White with Graham Owen insects flying above

The New York Times banner "Stuff Mike White Likes" - October 9, 2011

Photographer: Art Streiber - Prop stylist: Jamie Dean Studio - Insects by Graham Owen.


Horderves - realistic houseflies

Hors d'oeuvres - realistic houseflies - frequently rented for filming - $150 each per week


realistic Flies created for the TV show Breaking Bad season 3 episode 10 Fly
Four of 18 realistic flies created for the TV show Breaking Bad, Season 3, Episode10, titled "Fly"
Some "Breaking Bad" flies had hooks, for filming flies secured to a surface, while moving the wings with compressed air


Breaking Bad flies embedded in clear Lucite blocks

Michelle MacLaren, Director of Breaking Bad "Fly" episode, commissioned 10 extra flies, embedded in crystal clear Lucite blocks, to be presented as gifts to the show's writers and producers. Each block has BB laser etched on one side.


realistic common Southern House spider created for the film Salt and flies made for the TV show Breaking Bad - Fly episode

Realistic Common Southern House spider created for Columbia Pictures 2010 movie, Salt
Spider has a hollow abdomen, for filming Angelina Jolie extracting venom with a needle and syringe


Monarch butterfly replica on The Rcok - Dwayne Johnson - People magazine - photo by Art Streiber

Monarch butterfly replica - People magazine - Photo by Art Streiber


Vinnie the Vinegaroon Beetle / Whip Scorpion and a realistic housefly in a clear solid cube of Lucite

One of five Scorpion Beetles created for the Cartoon Network


realistic life size queen bee with her drone

Queen Bee - NBC series Grimm - fall 2011


Realistic replica Bumble Bees flying over a purple flower

bumblebee replicas- made for Snow White mirror mirror


Realistic African Tsetse flies

June 2010 - Realistic African Tsetse Flies created for a new TV series


Realistic blowfly prop with hook cut off

Realistic black Blowfly with hook cut off, one of four created for TV's - Law & Order SVU


Realistic Mosquitoes

Realistic Mosquitoes with hooks cut off - props for a Capital One TV commercial


Swarm of Realistic moths eating some of my fly tying feathers

Some of 212 realistic replica moths created for Adam Sandler's film Grown Ups


Realistic moths invading some of my fly tying feathers



Realistic Maple Spanworm moth

White Moth




realistic houseflies on an orange

Realistic Houseflies

Similar realistic flies were filmed with Brad Pitt in the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.


Realistic ants

Realistic Ants shipped to Paris for a photo shoot


A pair of realistic Lightning Bugs created for Georgia Power advertisement

Realistic Fireflies / Lightning bugs - Commissioned for a Georgia Power Advertisement

Producer requested hooks exiting rear end at different angles, for photographing


Georgia Power fireflies ad

Cool Reading Light

Realistic artificial honey bee posing on one of the fingers that created it

Realistic bees created for Disney's film Bedtime Stories, in which a bee stings Adam Sandler on the lip


Realistic scorpion with a realistic bee

One of six scorpions created for the movie A Perfect Getaway


Realistic Yellow Jacket wasp

Realistic Yellow Jacket Wasp for HBO's Little Britain USA


Swarm of fake realistic bees on purple flowers

Swarm of realistic bees, made for the Walt Disney Company


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