Welcome, working full-time as an artist, I create detailed life-size insect replicas, combining realism and impressionism, to express my interpretation of beauty and diversity of hidden worlds beyond the familiar. In essence - man-made-nature - conveying both art and science.

Another passion, and source of inspiration, nature photography, is also presented here. My photo galleries offer an exclusive line of nature photography available in print and digital format for use in interior decoration, publishing, advertising and website graphics.

The purpose and approach of my art and photography is to capture, engage and express my feelings of wonderment and awe, sometimes whimsically, convinced that helping reconnect humanity with the environment is a positive intention.


Insect Art

Ingo Maurer Biotope and Schmetterling lighting designs Green beetle and fly Insect filming props
Collaboration - Ingo Maurer Insect Replicas Insect Film Props
Blue butterfly replicas Realistic honey bees for Mikimoto Pearls window displays Realistic Hexagenia Mayflies
Butterfly Replicas Mikimoto Pearls - Honeybees Realistic Fishing Flies & Lures


Nature Photography

Bird Photography California Wildflower Photography Sierra Fall Foliage
Bird Photography Wildflowers California Fall Colors
Scenic Landscape Photography stormy Adirondack sunset Fly Fishing Photography
Scenic Landscapes Travel Photography Fly Fishing Photography
Dragonfly Photography Macro Photography Man Made Scenes
Dragonfly Photography Macro Close Up Man Made Scenes

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