Artificial Insects

intricately made by hand


Realistic honeybees photographed by Bruce Eisenberg

honeybees - photographed by Bruce Eisenberg


Artificial fake honeybees

busy bees


realistic detailed Horsefly replica



realistic horsefly replicas


Iridescent green beetle and housefly models

Stare Down - green beetle vs house fly


artificial beetles in flight

Beetles in flight

beetles in flight with wings spread detail view

close up view


Three realistic green dragonfly replicas chasing a fake housefly model

Fast Food - green dragonflies & housefly


iridescent green and red beetles

Iridescent Beetles


variety of beetle replicas on a calla lily

Gilding Lilies - assorted beetles


green salamander artistic replicas

Pretty Spots - salamanders and moths


praying mantis replicas

Praying Mantis


detailed realistic honeybee replica models on a wildflower

sting free - plump honeybees


Realistic replica Bumble Bees flying over a purple flower

bumblebee replicas


realistic slugs



beautiful bird feathers inlaid on top of a realistic green dragonfly replica

Pretty Eyes


realistic scorpion

Menacing Scorpion


hungry red spider holding a midge

Hungry Spider


realistic artificial tadpoles



realistic hex mayfly on top of my finger

Realistic Mayfly Fishing Lure


macro photo of a dragonfly attacking my mayfly

Fishing Fly Attracts Predator


Hungry fake Whip Scorpion Beetles

Hungry Vinagaroon Beetles


Scary Camel spider

Camel Spider


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