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Graham Owen has established himself as an artist and natural photographer. The detail of Graham's "artificial insects" has won him International acclaim and award. His artistic insects are incorporated into leading lighting designs, private and institutional art collections, as well as high advertisements & film.

His photos have been featured on the cover of various publications. Birds dominate his most recent work, capturing the beauty and grace of these creatures.

An American artist, born on the island of Penang, Malaysia in 1961, Graham grew up traveling the world, living in Malaysia, Australia, Canada and the states of Illinois, New Mexico, and California. Gravitating to the serenity and beauty of the outdoors, Graham spent three summers hiking and canoeing the vast wilderness of northern Canada. His passion for nature opened the door to his art and photography.

Graham's gift for transforming nature into art may be genetic. His mother trained at various art schools in England and is an accomplished artist specializing in painting animals and birds. His grandmother Nona Kiralfy studied under sculptor Henry Moore, and going back even further, Imre Kiralfy was a pioneer in entertainment at the turn of the century, with his international grand productions including the first Broadway production with electric lighting as well as hosting the 1908 Olympics in London at the White City stadium..

While establishing himself as an artist, Graham was one of the first actively engaged in promoting alternative energy resources, as a solar contractor in Southern California, for over 25 years. Graham served on the Board of Directors, California Solar Energy Industry Association, as well as other advisory boards and committees, and proudly designed and installed the first grid-connected solar powered home in Los Angeles, producing excess clean energy, spinning the electric meter backwards.

Graham's photographs reflect his eye on the natural world, demonstrating a unique style and melding of Realism and Artistic Impressionism. The natural world is well represented.

Graham's art can be found in many corporate and private collections.

Graham Owen Artist and Photographer


I love nature, art and photography, and believe they have the power to transform lives by engaging and enriching the human spirit.

Being outdoors in nature captivates me with layers of emotions, including curiosity, smiles, wonderment and awe, resulting in an elevated spirit, balanced with a sense of lighthearted peace, calm and equilibrium.

The purpose and approach of my work is to capture, engage and express these magical feelings, sometimes whimsically, with a firm belief that helping reconnect humanity with the environment is a positive intention. I love what I do and hope to continue for many years to come.


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