Realistic Fishing Flies & Lures


I enjoy creating and tying realistic flies, most of which are not intended for fishing with, instead, simply enjoying the challenge of imitating insects and striving to make them look as alive as possible.

Realistic Hexaginia Mayflies Realistic red-eared turtle realistic housefly's

Hexagenia Mayflies

Baby Red-eared Turtle


realistic Cased Caddis fly realistic midge realistic stonefly

Cased Caddis Larva


Fat Juicy Stonefly

realistic Camel Spider Artistic fly tying - Seahorse Free style salmon fly

Camel Spider


Feather Wing Salmon Fly


Orange October Caddis fly replica published in the Atlas of Creation

Orange Caddis Fly - Published as a real insect, in the Atlas of Creation


Realistic Houseflies created and tyed to be used as props in a movie production

Realistic Flies


realistic dragonfly with prey

Dragonfly with Prey


collection of realistic flies, houseflies, mayflies and dragonfly

Ready for Action


realistic yellow and brown dragonfly

Realistic Dragonfly


Realistic Hexagenia Mayfly

Life size Hex Mayfly


macro photography of an orange dragonfly

Real Dragonfly wants to eat my realistic fly


living dragonfly interacting with a realistic replica

Real dragonfly wants to mate with my realistic dragonfly - More Photos


Another realistic scorpion, hunting a realistic bee

Realistic Scorpion replica hunting a fake bee


amazingly super realistic golden stonefly nymph

Golden Stonefly nymph


realistic adult golden stoneflies

Foam body Golden Stonefly adults, effective fishing flies


Realistic Emerald Angel Dragonfly created for my friend Bud Guidry

Realistic Dragonfly Replica


Realistic Grasshopper for fly fishing and natural history museum

Realistic Grasshopper


realistic fly tying Hexagenia Mayfly

One of my first realistic Mayflies


Blue and yellow realistic dragonfly replica

Colorful realistic dragonfly


Dragonfly Nymph, one of my first attempts at realistic fly tying


Realistic Hellgrammite fishing fly



Pair of dragonfly replicas about to share a fake wasp for lunch

Dragonflies sharing a wasp lunch


Realistic fake red salamander replica

Realistic Red Salamander


Realistic Green Garden Spider

Green Garden spider


Pair of realistic tadpoles



donation to Sierra Pacif Fly Fishermen

I donated two realistic Hex Mayflies and photos to the 'Sierra Pacific Fly Fishers" club
Frames sold for $375 each, helping make the annual fund raiser a success


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