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Thank you for visiting my Bird Photography Gallery.  You may be surprised to learn many of my bird photos are taken along the Los Angeles River as it flows through the San Fernando Valley amid a burgeoning metropolis of office buildings, traffic and people.  Some stretches of the river are barren of life, concrete from top to bottom. While in other areas thick vegetation flourishes supporting a rich, diverse ecosystem with food chains supporting insects, fish and birds, an urban wildlife habitat, demonstrating the ability of man and wildlife to live together and adapt.  Keeping the river clean of garbage and dumping is important to maintaining a site for the River's waterfowl to return during migration, building nests and raising their young and supporting our ecosystem.

The vast majority of my bird photography is from Southern California although a few of my favorites are from New York, including the Red-tailed hawk pictured below.

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California Quail photographed in the Sierra mountains

California Quail

Beautiful Hawk in flight over a river reflecting autumn foliage color

Red-tailed Hawk in Flight - Upstate New York - November 2009


House Finch in flight

Backyard House Finch in Flight


Osprey fishing, with talons ready

Osprey Fishing - Los Angeles River / Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve


Great Egret soaring skywards

Great Egret - Elegance in Motion

I love photographing birds in flight, and one of my favorite subjects is Great Egrets in flight, at sunset.

Great Egret Sunset Flight - LA River / Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve


Hummingbird in Action

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