Ingo Maurer lighting design - Graham Owen insects

Collaboration with Ingo Maurer - Based in Munich Germany and New York


Ingo Maurer, "The Poet of Light" is one of the most prolific and respected artist/designers working today.  I have the distinct honor of calling him a friend and collaborator.

Ingo came to Los Angeles in 2010 to work with me for three days, in a joint effort at refining artistic insects to be incorporated into his creative and beautiful lighting designs.  Ingo sparked and stimulated creativity which continues to render a natural and higher beauty to my creations.

In the past few years Ingo and I have worked on a number of one-off commissions for private collectors. Some collaborations are pictured below, while others will remain undocumented.

Some products, such as the "Johnny. B. Butterfly" , "J.B. Schmetterling", and "I Ricchi Poveri Silver Bzzzz", are available for purchase from the Ingo Maurer catalog, his galleries and distributors.



Design Week - Milan Italy - April 2014

Spazio Krizia Milano Desgin Week 2014

@ Spazio KRIZIA, Milan


I Ricchi Poveri Silver Bzzzz

I Ricchi Poveri Silver Bzzzz - limited edition - 50 pieces


I Ricchi Poveri Silver Bzzzz damselfly close up

handmade Damselfly - clad in sterling sliver


Ingo Maurer butterfly lamp

Ingo Maurer butterfly lamp - one of a kind - designed just for me - I am deeply honored


detailed White Glider butterfly replica close up photo

close up view - each butterfly is handmade and unique


Horsefly lamp



artificial realistic horsefly replica



Ingo Maurer Biotope table lamp

Beautiful light attracts beautiful insects - Ingo Maurer Biotope table lamp


Moritz Waldemeyer LED Candles and butterfly

My New Flame - LED Candles - and butterfly




Design Week - New York City - May 2014

white butterfly lamp

art & design


Ingo Maurer SOHO showroom downstairs

Ingo Maurer lighting


Ingo Maurer and Graham Owen in New York City for ICFF Design Week May 2014

Ingo Maurer and Graham Owen @ Ingo Maurer SOHO showroom




Design Week - Milan Italy - April 2013

Ingo Maurer and Graham Owen collaboration "Dragon Attack"

Dragon Attack


red dragonfly close up detail side view

no two are identical - each one hand made


Graham Owen red dragonfly replica art

pretty wings


Graham Owen helping compose the Ingo Maurer Dragon Attack

Graham - working and playing


Libellula rossa Attacco - Spazio Krizia Milano 2013

Dragon Attack - by Ingo Maurer - dragonflies and damselflies by Graham Owen


Ingo Maurer & Graham Owen s. Libellula Rossa - Spazio Krizia Milano 2013

s. Libellula Rossa - (red dragonflies) Spazio KRIZIA, Milano Italy


Dragon Attack and JB Dragonfly lights Spazio Krizia Milan 2013

"Dragon Attack" and limited edition "J.B. Dragonfly" light


Graham Owen

Dragon Attack, seen in Milan, is incomplete, with internal lighting be incorporated before final installation


Ingo Maurer and Graham Owen in Milan Italy Spazio Krizia - Design Week - April 2013

Ingo Maurer my dear friend and collaborator




Ingo Maurer Butterfly Lamps - 2010 - 2014

available for purchase at fine stores globally



Ingo MaurerJohnny B. Butterfly lamp

Johnny B. Butterfly


Ingo Maurer J.B. Schmetterling limited edition light fixture

J.B. Schmetterling (German for butterfly) limited production of 200

These gorgeous light fixtures illuminate some of the most beautiful rooms and suites around the world


Green dragonfly and White glider butterfly close up the Johnny B. Butterfly light fixture

Close Up Detail

Insects on the JB Butterfly, JB Dragonfly and JB Schmetterling light fixtures are made exclusively for Ingo Maurer, each individually handmade, colored with exquisite pigments from Kremer Pigmente in Munich Germany. No molds are used in their construction; each insect is an individual work of art, created to be beautiful, life-like, durable, and light as a feather.


Graham Owen in Munich Germany

Graham Owen - JB Schmetterling - Ingo Maurer studio - Munich Germany April 2012



Interior Design magazine cover June 2011 butterflies schmetterling

Interior Design magazine Market Tabloid cover page



"Material Worlds", Sotheby's at Sudeley Castle, July 28th - September 30th 2011, London England


Ingo Maurer butterfly lamps on display in sudeley Castle England

Ingo Maurer LED Table and Ingo Maurer J.B. Schmetterling lights


Close up photo of Grhama Owen butterflies on Ingo Maurer lighting designs - photo courtesy of Sotheby's

Photos courtesy of Sotheby's


Sotheby's Material Worlds




Ingo Maurer Lighting on Display

Ingo Maurer designer lighting inside the Spazio KRIZIA in milan Italy April 2011

Spazio KRIZIA - Milan Italy


Ingo Maurer - Biotope - 2011

The Biotope is a multi-functional work of art, designed to provide light and dampen sound, by incorporating natural sea sponges, while captivating viewers with a magical sense of nature's beauty, mystery and enchantment.

An underlying theme is green, green, green, with spirits flying high, basically, an environmentally friendly masterpiece, incorporating sustainable harvested sea sponges, combined with man-made insects, presenting luminous atmospheres that play with traditional concepts of color, brightness, and shadow.

The Biotope was commissioned by a private collector, with final installation in an undisclosed location



Ingo Maurer Biotope

one of a kind chandelier

Ingo Maurer Biotope in the Spzio Krizia Milan Italy

Over four meters in length - one of the world's most amazing, one of a kind, artistic lighting designs

Center piece at the Spazio Krizia - Design Week - Milan Italy - April 2011


Photo of the Butterflies, dragonflies, beetles, salamanders and snake on the Ingo Maurer Biotope inside the Spazio Krizia during design week 2011

I enjoyed making snakes and salamanders, to compliment the insects, as well as chase and eat them...


White Glider butterfly replicas flying in and out of an illuminated cave

Internally illuminated caves and tunnels add a sense of mystery


Sparkling cherub butterfly replica with glowing iridescent wings

Iridescent butterfly replica basks in delight


Yellow Buttercup butterfly replica model in flight, suspended with thin wire

Buttercup in Flight


Green salamander replica with a green dragonfly replica

Hungry Salamander


Pair of blue butterfly models in flight

Blue Morpho's in Flight


Box with green and turquoise beetle replicas

Turquoise and iridescent beetle replicas - 3 of 6 beetle species made for the Biotope


Framed and mounted real butterflies used for reference purposes to replicate realistic models


Real butterfly specimens used for reference to study while making reproductions

These framed butterflies were raised on a butterfly farm, inspected and approved by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service


Ingo Maurer Biotope with two custom Johnny B. Schmetterling light fixtures

Beautiful Ingo Maurer Lighting Designs - J.B. Schmetterling light fixtures and Biotope


Graham Owen next to the Biotope in Milan

I had a fantastic time in Milan, such an amazing city

Ingo Maurer Spirits Flying High - Spazio Krizia Milan 2011 invitation

Exhibition Invitation


Spazio Krizia Milano 2011 invitation - Ingo Maurer

Spirits Flying High!

More than 3,000 people attended the opening night party on April 12th




Ingo Maurer admiring insect replicas at my desk in Burbank California

Ingo Maurer in Los Angeles - 2010


Graham Owen in Munich Germany working on a small Biotope prototype

Graham in Munich Germany at Ingo Maurer design studio - December 2010



one of a kind Ingo Maurer biotope table lamp

one of a kind Ingo Maurer desk lamp


Ingo Maurer sponge and insect table lamp for his wife Jenny's birthday present

Birthday gift from Ingo to his wife Jenny




Design Week - Milan Italy - April 2012

Ingo Maurer green Biotope Wall on display Spazio Krizia Milan Italy 2012

Ingo Maurer "Biotope Wall" - illuminated with LED Butterflies by Graham Owen 

This is going to a very wonderful new modern house in Switzerland


LED Butterflies

LED Butterflies


Ingo Maurer Green Wall with LED Butterflies

time for a few photos

Supernatural on request



LED butterflies illuminate green sea sponges

a fun collaboration


Ingo Maurer Spazio Krizia party - milan 2012 - Biotope wall with LED Butterflies made by Graham Owen

Design Week - Milan Italy - April 2012


Graham Owen in Milan Italy

I love Milano!


LED Butterflies

pretty wings


House of Flies light fixture

"House of Flies" - one of a kind light fixture - on display Design Week 20012




London Design Festival - September 2012

Ingo Maurer Red Dragonfly lamp

Ingo Maurer Red J.B. Dragonfly lamp


Ingo Maurer JB Dragonfly lamp on display at The Conran Shop London England 2012

Red J.B. Dragonfly lamp on display - The London Design Festival - Conran Shop


New York Times Home section - Ingo Maurer Red Dragonfly lamp

New York Times - Home section cover - September 27, 2012


A Few Photos from Milan

break of dawn view of Milan Central Station from my balcony at the Hotel New York Milan

Break of dawn view from my hotel room - Central Station Milano - 2013


Skylights Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II shopping mall Milano Italy



Milano Duomo pigeons

Duomo di Milano


Aerial view of the Milan Italy area seen from my Milan to Munich flight, April 2011

Departing Italy 2011


In the News

Bloomberg Businessweek - April 19, 2011

Beautiful in its simplicity, an Ingo Maurer lamp -- essentially an oversize bare light bulb -- was circled by its own handmade "bugs," each a work of art in its own right: butterflies, moths, dragon flies. One can't help but wonder how the real things would react to the colorful decoys. The piece is called "JB Schmetterling," German for butterfly.

New York Times - April 24, 2011

At Ingo Maurer's stand at Euroluce, the furniture fair's biennial lighting show, J.B. Schmetterling, a hanging light bulb ringed with handmade butterflies, moths, and dragonflies (schmetterling is German for butterfly), exemplified the designer's ability to fuse technology and poetry.

The Globe and Mail - Canada - April 23, 2011

The movie industry has the Cannes Film Festival and TIFF, fashion has the Paris and New York shows and design has the Salone Internazionale del Mobile (a.k.a. the Milan Furniture Fair). From all four corners of the globe, some 300,000 buyers, dealers, agents and designers descend on the northern Italian city each spring to see what's new, to be inspired and to buy...

German lighting designer Ingo Maurer even launched an LED wallpaper that can be affixed directly to the wall. In contrast to all this high-tech achievement, however, hand craftsmanship continues to be marketed as the ultimate luxury. Ingo Maurer's J.B. Schmetterling (Johnny B. Butterfly) is a bulb around which life-like "butterflies" flutter; Biotope, a sculptural lighting made from ecologically harvested natural sea sponge, comes complete with its own "eco-system" of (faux) insects.


Interesting Links

New York Times - "Style Magazine" - article- "Super Natural" - October 2011 - includes photos of Biotope final installation
Modern Design - article - February 2012
In Design Asia- article - Ingo Maurer interview - Milan - April 2012 - includes a nice quote about our collaboration
Graham Owen - visiting Munich Germany - December 2010 photography


Purchase - Johnny B Butterfly and JB Schmetterling lights

Ingo Maurer - website- Germany - Los Angeles, Seattle - Santa Fe - Seattle - Sacramento - Miami, Chicago - Philadelphia Sonoma --------- JB Butterfly page---- JB Schmetterling page Austin, Dallas


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