Eastern Sierra - California Fall Colors

gold line

September 22 & 23 2010

Eastern Sierra fall color view

Sierra View


Gorgeous Sierra Nevada mountain range

Fall Color Begins


California aspens just starting to get fall colors

Beautiful Day


High Sierra lake surrounded with fall colors

Autumn Breeze


storm clouds over a high sierra lake

Clouds Roll Through


Eastern sierra aspens changing into fall colors

Changing Leaves


California Sierra fall color

California Fall Colors


gorgeous aspen trees

Lighting Up


Fiery colored fall aspen leaves



Green aspen leaves



California Aspens in fall color

Green and Gold


trail leading into sierra aspens

Inviting Trail


cold mountain stream

Flowing Stream


backlit aspens glowing with color



backlit aspen trees at sunrise



Sierra fall aspen grove

Aspen Grove


Sierra corn lilies, aspen and pine

Fall Vegetation


old bent aspens frame a vibrant tree

Curvy Frame


interesting aspen tree

Colorful Tree


aspen tree in black and white

Pretty without Color


aspen tree split with three trunks



hawk on a fence post

Proud Bird


red-tailed hawk in flight overhead



Mountain Blue Jay close up

Dusty Blue Jay


Blue Jay bathing in a clear cold mountain stream

Streamside Bath


Wild blue jay splashing in a Sierra stream



Blue Jay up side down in the water

Head Dunk


Clean and happy blue jay

Looking Good


Red Kokanee salmon photographed underwater in a clear sierra stream

Kokanee Salmon


bright red Kokanee salmon

Beautiful Fish


Sierra Mule Deer resting in the shade

Resting Deer


Full moon reflection upon Mono Lake just after sunset



September 22 2010 harvest moon

Harvest Moon


Sierra Sunrise alpenglow

Mountain Light


Sierra sunrise alpenglow reflection



Sierra Virginia Lake reflection at sunrise



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