Upstate New York Photography June 20th - July 4th 2009


I've just arrived home from a fun two week family vacation in upstate New York. I drove from Buffalo in western NY to Plattsburgh along the Vermont border and back again. I stayed at Tupper Lake in the Adirondacks for the first week, and Point Breeze in Western NY for the second week. Much of the second week was spent visiting family, but I did manage to get out admiring and photographing the area.

Stormy sunset and Red Top Inn boat dock at Tupper Lake New York

Tupper Lake Sunset


Simon Pond clouds reflection

Adirondack Sky


Adirondack Lake

Seventh Lake


Adirondack stream

Pretty Stream



Ausable Chasm, Adirondacks


Ausable River Fly Fishing

Ausable River


View into the Ausable Gorge

Looking Down


Pretty Adirondack sky

Looking Up


Mallard duck at sunset

Adirondack Sunset


Simon Pond Tupper Lake NY Adirondacks

Simond Pond


close up shot of a smallmouth bass

Smallmouth Bass


brown trout jumping, Lake Ontario New York

Lake Ontario jumping Brown Trout (lucky shot)


Notiochelidon cyanoleuca Swallow in flight

Tree Swallow in flight


Swallow reflection on Oak Orchard River New York

Barn Swallow skimming water for insects, Oak Orchard River


Beautiful Tiger Swallowtail butterfly

Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly


Close up butterfly photo

Cool Eyes


Close up view of a beautiful dragonfly

Pretty Wings


Dragonfly in flight

Dragonfly in flight


Dragonfly flying



Dragonfly flying away

Flying Away



Ferns reaching for sunlight


Fiery sunset at Tupper Lake New York

Fiery Sunset


Tupper Lake sunset

Beautiful Sky


Adirondack sunset over Tupper Lake



Purple Iris growing wild in a swamp near Plattsburg New York

Colorful Swamp full of native Blue Flag Iris wildflowers


Wild purple iris swamp relection

Nice Reflection


A swamp full of wild Iris versicolor

Purple Irises


Cichorium intybus wildflower



Day Lily Macro

Orange Day Lily close up


Liliaceae orange Day Lily wildflower

Day Lily Pistols and Stamens


Orange Hieracium aurantiacum wildflower

Orange Hawkweed


Pink wildflowers

Deptford Pink wildflowers


More Dianthus armeria wildflowers

Pretty in Pink


Purple Vicia cracca wildflower

Cow Vetch Wildflower


Lythrum salicaria  wildflowers

Purple Loosestrife


Gorgeous Sweet Pea wildflowers Lathyrus latifolia

Sweet Pea Wildflowers


Lathyrus latifolia - Pink Sweet Pea Wildflowers

Sweet Pea Enjoying Rain


Pretty yellow wildflower



Bee flying into a yellow flower

Happy Little Bee


Old barn in Middleport New York

Old barn in Middleport New York


Old wodden barn door

Barn Door


Vine growing on old wooden planks



Leaves relected upon water

Green Reflection


Black & White water vegitation and reflections

Black & White Reflection


Winter weat, almost ready for harvest

Wheat Field


Patriotic sunset, Point Breeze, Lake Ontario New York

Lake Ontario backyard sunset


Layer of light in the sky, photographed while flying over New york

Airplane view over New York


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