Upstate New York Fly Fishing - July 2010


I spent an enjoyable ten days in July in beautiful Upstate New York, hundreds of miles away from New York City. Next year I might visit and enjoy Manhattan again, but this time a relaxing country vacation was in order.

I love New York countryside, it's amazingly lush and green, and teeming with life, in the air, water and land. I fished a variety of streams with my friend Luke, starting with the Ausable River and Tupper Lake in the heart of the Adirondack National Park, as well as Oatka Creek and Springbrook in western New York.

Below are a few of my favorite photos from the trip, and yes, the fishing was good, the fish were beautiful, and all were released unharmed...

Lucal Carroll proudly sporting a Ross Reels cap with a fish in hand

Fish to Hand

Adirondack Ausable River New York

Ausable River


Lucas Carroll fly fishing the New York Ausable River

My friend Luke fly fishing the Ausable


New York Brown Trout

New York has Fantastic Fly Fishing


Oatka Creek sunrise

Oatka Creek Sunrise


fishing Oatka Creek

Beautiful Day


close up photograph of a beautiful wild brown trout glowing in sunlight

Beautiful Trout


macro close up photo of a beautiful wild brown trout

Wild Brownie


gorgeous brown trout photographed underwater in Oatka Creek NY

Afternoon Delight


Brown trout peeking over the top of the net

Moments before darting away


Over under fly fishing photography releasing a nice brown trout

We caught and released a lot of beautiful trout


Brown trout underwater photo

Gorgeous Brown Trout


brown trout underwater

Glowing Fins


Beautiful little brown trout face macro close up photography

Mug Shot


Lucas Carroll with a pretty brown trout

Luke with a nice fish


Luke Carroll releasing a nice brown trout on spring Creek

What Fun! Even the little ones are great sport


Fly fishing for bass at Tupper Lake

Fly Fishing Tupper Lake


Adirondack sunset fly fishing on the Red Top Inn docks at Tupper Lake New York

End of a Great Day


Tupper Lake Adirondack sunset in front of the Red Top Inn

Adirondack Sunset



Photos by Luke

over under fly fishing photography by Lucas Carroll

Over Under


Graham fly fishing Oatka Creek

Oatka Creek


brown trout release photographed underwater

Swimming Away





smallmouth bass caught and released using an extended body green drake fishing fly

Bass on Dry Flies


Graham Owen photographer in action

I always struggle deciding when to exchange fly rod and camera


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