Eastern Sierra - Spring Fly Fishing & Scenery


May 2010

I spent the first weekend of May enjoying the majestic grandeur of the Eastern Sierras, fly fishing and photographing, with friends. The desert scenery on the drive from Los Angeles was amazingly beautiful, with numerous wildflowers in bloom, so, I just had to stop and take photos along the way...

Sierra Onion and Kennedy's Mariposa Lilies cover the desert floor with vibrant colors

Desert Floor Colored with Life

Eastern Sierra Lower Owens River just after sunrise

Owens River just after sunrise


Beautiful little Sierra brown trout photographed underwater

Trout were abundant


Close up macro photograph of a gorgeous little rainbow trout face with a dry fly in its mouth

Fly Fishing was Fantastic

12" x 18" Prints of this photo are gorgeous! One of my favorites!


pretty little trout tail photographed close up

Rainbow Trout Tail


macro close up view of a rainbow trout eye

These fish are amazingly beautiful


colorful lichen on granite boulders

Even the Rocks were Amazing


Snow Capped Sierra Mountains

Heading up to the high country


fly fishing a small Sierra stream

Fly Fishing higher elevation small streams


Higher elevation stream trout have spectacular colors

What a Gem


beautiful little mountain brown trout

Beautiful Brown Trout


Sierra brown tout underwater



underwater brown trout photography

Going Home


blue and gree river reflection

River Reflection


small whirlpool on the Lower Owens River with sunset light swirling into the vortex

Small Whirlpool at Sunset


mallard duck in flight at sunset

Mallard Sunset Flight


My friend Bill

My Fiend Bill


Bill fly fishing McGee Creek

Bill Fly Fishing a Meadow Stream


my friend Allen fishing at sunset

My friend Allen enjoying himself


Fly Fisherman on the Sierra Owens River at sunset

End of a Beautiful Day


Sierra Owens River at sunset



owens river at dusk


Photos from the Drive Home


desert cactus flowers in bloom

Desert Cactus in Bloom


pink cactus flowers

Beavertail Cactus Blossoms


purple beavertail cactus blossoms

Glowing with Desert Sunlight


Beautiful Oasis of life

Nice place to rest in the shade


Red-winged blackbird

Red-winged Blackbird


Western Kingbird

Western Kingbird


Mojave Aster wildflowers in bloom at the base of the eastern Sierra

Mojave Aster wave in the breeze


Owens Valley lupine

Lupine flow through the landscape


Bush Lupine along the base of the Sierra


Purple Sandblossoms and yellow Scalebud carpet the ground with vibrant colors of life

Purple Sandblossoms and Yellow Scalebud

It was a fun trip!


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