Fly Fishing for Leopard Sharks in the Surf


May 2010

pair of fly rods ready for action

Ready for Action


Malibu beach

Nice day to be on the beach, Malibu California


Antonio fly fishing the surf

My friend Antonio fly fishing the surf


Fly Fisherman fly fishing in the surf, having a great time

Casting over the breakers


Antonio moments after losing a leopard shark on the line

Moments after a leopard shark broke the line


Bill Brady fly fishing Malibu Beach

Bill with a shark on the line, briefly


Graham Owen with a big fish on the line

Fish On


Graham Owen fly fishing for leapoard sharks in the surf on the beach in Malibu California

My Turn


Beautiful Leopard Shark, caught, admired, photographed and released

I was thrilled to catch and release this shark, what a battle


Leopard shark on the beach

Beautiful Leopard Shark


Graham Owen with a nice leopard shark.  thank you Antonio, for grabbing my camera and taking photos!

Thank You Antonio for grabbing my camera, great shots!


gorgeous leopard shark about to be released back into the surf along the beach in Malibu

Such a Magnificent Creature


Leopard Sahrk on the beach in Malibu next to my Sage fly rod and Tibor Reiptide fly reel

Fly fishing the surf is great fun


Leopard shark

I need to snap a few quick photos


close up view of a leopard shark face

Amazingly powerful fish!


Thank you bill for holding the shark while I shot a few photos

I love the camouflage patterns and coloring


close up photo of a leopard shark eye

Close up view


Shark eye

Shark Eye


releasing the shark back inot the surf

Ready to be released back into the surf


black and white leopard shark portrait photograph

Leopard Shark Portrait


Fly used to catch leopard sharks on the beach

Shark Fly


Snowy Egret fishing on Malibu Beach

Snowy Egret Surf Fishing


Snowy Egret in the surf



Ruffled Snowy Egret portrait



Snowy egret fluffing its feathers on the beach

Perhaps he saw a leopard shark


Snowy Egret in flight over Malibu Beach

Graceful Departure


starfish on the rocks

Rocky Point


Fly Fishing a rocky point Malibu California

Malibu Rocks


Malibu Beach sunrise black and white

Clouds Roll In


Justin fly fishing Malibu

My friend Justin battling the surf


the surf

Dolphin Wave


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