California Golden Trout


August 2010

wild Sierra Sunflowers

Wild Sunflowers

A nice day to drive up to the high country


Sierra Golden Trout Wilderness Sunrise

Sierra Alpenglow


Inyo National Forrest Golden Trout Wilderness sign

Golden Trout Wilderness


Sierra alpine trout stream

Nice day to be outdoors


pretty trout stream

Golden Trout Stream


Fly fishing a beautiful Sierra alpine stream for golden trout

My friend Eric fly fishing a small alpine stream


Beautiful golden trout on the line

Struck Gold


macro close up photography of beautiful golden trout colorful scales

Pretty Colors


Gorgeous Wild Golden Trout

Hungry Trout


Golden trout underwater photography

California Golden Trout


California Golden Trout Oncorhynchus mykiss aguabonita

Oncorhynchus mykiss aguabonita (Golden Trout)


California Golden Trout underwater black and white fly fishing photography

Golden Treasure


What a magnificent creature

Swimming Away


macro close up photo of a gorgeous red-faced golden trout

another golden trout - Glowing with Life


White tipped Golden Trout fins and a flame red belly

Pretty Fins


Gorgeous golden trout swimming away

Fly Fishing was Good - unbuttoning a tiny fly


Beautifully colored California Golden Trout

Golden Glow - quick photo out of water


Catch and release fly fishing for California Golden Trout - release

Wild and Free


Golden Trout Stream

Beautiful day, beautiful meadow, beautiful trout stream


Blue California sky reflecting upon a beautiful Sierra trout stream

Blue Sky Reflection


Flowing water glowing with life

Flowing Color


Sierra Marmot ans Wasp

Marmot and Wasp


hardy young shrub growing on a granite boulder

Living Rocks


purple alpine wildflower

Sierra Gentian Wildflower


purple and gold Sierra wildflower

Purple and Gold


Golden Moth

Golden Moth


View from the Sierra down into the Owens Valley

Golden Flowers - View into the valley on the drive home


Beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains

Rear View - I'll be back


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