Fall Fly Fishing


November 2013

Ari Hart Trilogy fly reel, Carlin bamboo fly rod, and a beautiful brown trout

nice combo - brown trout, bamboo fly rod and reel, underwater


Colorful fall brown trout

glowing German brown trout


brown trout eye underwater

yes, I'll release you


brown trout face close up macro photo

pretty smile


Jukka Tapio with a beautiful female brown trout

My friend Jukka, visiting from Finland


Jukka Tapio with a nice brown trout

quick snapshot


Graham Owen with a huge male brown trout

amazing colors


Graham Owen with a huge orange colored brown trout

Monster Brown Trout


female brown trout

nice brownie


Chrome steelhead trout

Chrome Steelhead


bright siler steelhead rainbow trout

having fun


Coho Salmon

Coho Salmon


King Salmon

King Salmon


Atlantic Salmon

Atlantic Salmon


bamboo fly rod vand a nice trout

little bit of everything in this stream


Ari Hart Trilogy fly reel

Brown Trout


underwater brown trout

all fish were released


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