Fly Fishing for Brown Trout & Rainbow Trout


November 2008

One of my favorite trout streams to catch, photograph and release trout

River View


Leaves were still rich in color, but past their prime

Past Their Prime


A huge monster brown trout

In His Prime


fly fishing for brown trout is a blast

Big Boys Were Willing to Play

Some of the fish have lamprey eel scars


Beautiful female brown trout

There were Lots of Pretty Girls


super colorful male brown trout

Pretty Boy


a fat healthy brown trout

The Fish are Fat and Healthy


A close up photo pf a gorgeous female brown trout



under water fly fishing photography is a lot of fun

We Released Them All


under water photo of a nice brown trout

Sensing Freedom


Leif Ortenholm baitfish fly, and the trout loved them

A buddy in Sweden sent me some bait fish flies, and the trout liked them


nice brown trout folled with an artificial baitfish fly

I'm looking forward to fishing these flies in the Sierra


Brent fly fishing for monster trout

My friend Brent casting flies up stream


Brent's fly boxes

Brent's fly boxes, ready for action


Brent with a nice fish

Brent with a Nice Fish


Brent with a huge male brown trout

Brent with another Nice Fish


close up photo of a huge male brown trout head, a horizontal crop from a vertical photo, the only cropped image on this web page

Mug Shot


trophy brown trout mug shot

Another Mug Shot


brown trout portrait

Brown Trout posing for a portrait photograph


unusual photograph of a brown trout being released

Even the little fish were admired and appreciated


Graham Owen fly fishing for large rainbow & brown trout

I had to pose for one photo


By the time I grabbed my camera, the airborne acrobatics were over..

By the time I grabbed my camera, the airborne acrobatics were over


Chrome steelhead rainbow trout

We also caught and released many rainbow trout


a gorgeous chrome steelhead rainbow trout

Some wearing chrome and others red stripes


beautiful steelhead rainbow trout

The colors were amazing


under water fly fishing photography

Luckily we caught and released a lot of beautiful trout


underwater steelhead photography

Magnificent Steelhead Trout


pretty rainbow trout

Pretty Rainbow


Steelhead rainbow trout portrait

Rainbow Trout posing for a portrait


rainbow trout portrait

Ready for release


A nice view of a gorgeous rainbow trout

A beautiful day!


rainbow ready to be released

Going Home


under water black and white photo of a rainbow trout being released

Free at Last


black & white under water brownie photography

Time for Fish and Fishermen to Part Ways


great blue heron flying over the trout stream

My buddy the heron can have his fishing spot back again


A 10 point buck deer posing at the back of a corn field, made me wish I had brough a larger collection of lenses to choose from.

I enjoyed the abundant wildlife


A flock of Canada geese resting and feeding in a corn field

Canada Geese dropped in for corn, and headed south honking


full moon over rising at dusk over a beautiful trout stream

Full moon at dusk, rising over the trout stream



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